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 Kelly Boner (b. 1987) is a visual and performance artist residing in Chicago, IL.

Boner performs and creates as an AFAB (assigned female at birth) drag queen. Her rich history with Chicago drag began in 2013; since joining the community, she was executive producer of Lipstick City, a short fashion film, released in 2016. She has worked as producer, assistant, graphic designer, and creative director for countless photoshoots, shows, and short films. (Hire her to be a creative director for your project or to create headpieces for your own work)

Boner has performed in Nightgowns, the acclaimed show hosted by Drag Race Season 9 winner Sasha Velour, and made her international debut at Drag Sugur in Reyjakvik, Iceland in June 2018. Her collage work is featured in Velour’s magazine Velour: the Drag Magazine, issue 3, also released as a bound book in 2018. Her long-term drag goals include being photographed by every noted drag photographer in the world, which started with her collaborative portraits with Adam Ouahmane, featured in the looks section of this site.

In addition to her work in Chicago drag, Boner studied studio art at Oberlin College in Ohio and is currently a student in the Master of Arts Management program at Columbia College Chicago. Her 2-dimensional work includes paper and digital collage. Inspired by photographer Laurie Simmons, fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, author Francesca Lia Block, and select drag queens, she uses collage to explore the American pop cultural landscape. She is especially interested in the way the internet and the manipulation of digital photography can be used as a new art medium; one that expresses the collective subconscious internet users share through repeated imagery, memes, and Google image search. Her current visual vocabulary includes pink, the desert, lizards, bones, skeletons, eyeballs, the moon, fruit, and the geometric. She strives for her pieces to evoke the divinely surreal.

Sketch below by Bijou Bentley.


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